China's Domestic LVAD Opens a New Era of Heart Failure Treatment

As of today, there has been a lack of effective treatments for Heart Failure (HF), also known as the "Cancer of heart disease". Beijing Fuwai Hospital and Suzhou CH Biomedical achieved successful results in the first clinical application of the miniaturized fully magnetically levitated left ventricular assist device (LVAD) in China……

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Forbes Chinese ∣ 20 Million Heart Failure Patients in The World, 200 Surgeries in China: CH Biomedical Dr. Chen Reproduces Heart

In June 2013, at the reception of 25th Anniversary of the First Rotary LVAD Invention Conference, Dr. Chen Chen, the founder of CH Biomedical, a company specializing in LVAD development, met 68-year-old Joe Ann Bivins who received LVAD implantation, because Mr. Bivins developed severe heart failure in 2005, it was so critical, he was near to death……

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