The implantable CH-VAD® left ventricular assist system LVAS is a new generation of totally magnetically levitated VAD. It is inserted in the apex of left ventricle surgically. When blade of rotor rotates, negative pressure is formed in the center of the blood pump, patient's left ventricle blood is pumped to the ascending aorta, providing partial or full support to the natural heart. 


CH-VAD® LVAS is composed of implantable and peripheral parts. The pump, as the core component, is a special and precise centrifugal pump. The product is so compact that it can be held in the palm of the hand. Its impeller is supported by magnetic suspension without bearing rotating under the drive of a brushless DC motor. The system controller is responsible for power management, blood pump status monitoring and adjustment, and providing the user interface. The combination of hardware and software of the whole system meets the requirements of high reliability, safety, and electromagnetic compatibility.



Blood pumping system Control system Energy system

The pump system, which pumps blood from the weakened left ventricle to the aorta, mainly consists of components including a pump, outflow graft, strain relief, sewing ring and Outflow graft.

The controller is used to control and monitor the operation system, which is mainly composed of the controller and the defibrillation insulation sleeve.

The power supply system provides continuous power for pump through controller, which mainly includes batteries, adapters, and chargers.