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CH Biomedical, Inc.(CHB) was founded in 2008 by a team of scientific and technological experts with overseas experience with the goal of bringing improved survival and quality of life to end-stage heart failure patients. The headquarters of CH Biomedical is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, while the wholly-owned subsidiary, CH Biomedical USA, Inc., is in LA, California. CH Biomedical focuses on the research and development of the world’s state-of-the art ventricular assist device (VAD), promotes the commercialization of the VADs, and brings benefits to patients with end-stage heart failure.

Ventricular assist device (VAD) represents the scientific and technological level of a country's high-end medical devices. It integrates many cutting-edge technologies and advanced sciences in the fields of biomedical engineering such as mechanical design, software control, integrated circuit, and fluid dynamics, as well as experience in the development, management, and manufacturing of high-end medical devices. After more than 10 years of independent research and development in the field of VAD, Our company has developed a new generation of LVAD CH-VAD® with full magnetic levitation technology, and continues to show its strength as a global technology leader in this emerging segment. CHB has completed its initial clinical trial in China. Plans are underway to expand global access to CHB’s lifesaving technology and next-generation maglev CH-VAD® in the United States and other countries.

Adhering to the core values of “Integrity, Truth, Respect, Excellence”, CHB is committed to leading the global artificial heart technology advancement and service improvement, so that more patients with advanced heart failure and their families can enjoy a healthy and happy life again.

  • Vision

    To become a global leading science and technology company in advancement of VAD research and development.

  • Mission

    To enable more patients with heart failure and their families to enjoy a healthy and happy life again.




  • Jul. | CH Biomedical, Inc. was founded in Suzhou Industrial Park.
  • Oct. | Awarded as one of the “Leading Talents of Science and Technology in Suzhou Industrial Park”.


  • Jun. | The US subsidiary was officially founded.
  • Sep. | Prototype X1 was successfully developed.


  • Oct. | X2 prototype was completed, and the animal study was conducted.


  • Mar. | Selected in the National High Technology Development Program.
  • Apr. | X3 prototype was successfully developed.
  • Dec. | X4 prototype was completed.


  • Jan. | The research and development of VAD X5 prototype began.


  • Dec. | The X5 bump design was completed, and the animal test succeeded.


  • Oct. | CH-VAD Ventricular Assist Device was officially finalized.


  • Jun. | CH-VAD received Fast Track Designation from NMPA for Investigational Medical Devices application.


  • Jun. | CH-VAD was successfully applied to the first patient, that was the first in human (FIH) implantation after the successful completion of the new medical technology research.


  • Nov. | The company was invited to present at the 26th annual conference of the International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support.
  • Dec. | The company received approval for clinical trial from NMPA.


  • Mar. | Clinical trial officially started in China.
  • Apr. | The research article “Evaluation of in vitro hemolysis and platelet activation of a newly developed maglev LVAD and two clinically used LVADs with human blood” was publish on Artificial Organs 2019 Sep;43(9):870-879. doi: 10.1111/aor.13471.


  • Jan. | CH-VAD GLP animal studies were completed by Texas Heart Institute (THI) in the United States.
  • Nov. | The research article “Computational characterization of flow and blood damage potential of the new maglev CH-VAD pump versus the HVAD and HeartMate II pumps” was published in Artificial Organs, 2020 Oct;43(10):653-662.
  • Dec. | The company passed the GMP inspection of NMPA.


  • Nov. | CH-VAD was approved by the NMPA for marketing (Registration No.: GXZZ 20213120987)