Dr. Chen and Dr. Lin Invited to Deliver a Plenary Speech at The 2019 Gordon Research Conference

2019.09.30 791

From 9th to 14th of June 2019, the Gordon Research Conference was held in Barcelona, Spain. The conference theme this year was on Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) and brought together world-renowned doctors, scholars, and researchers in MCS field. Dr. Chen, CEO of the company, and Dr. Lin, CTO were invited to attend the conference and delivered a plenary speech.

At the conference, Dr. Chen gave the plenary speech with the theme of "Design and Characteristics of CH-VAD
®". Dr. Chen introduced the design and verification of CH-VAD®, which included full magnetic levitation technology, the latest computational fluid dynamics optimization technology and the mechatronics technology used in the CH-VAD® development. 

By utilizing the technology that the motor unit and magnetic levitation unit were arranged separately, a new magnetic levitation circuit was formed to facilitate clean flow around the rotor, the size of the CH-VAD
® was also significantly reduced, the diameter of the impeller was increased, allowing the blood pump to operate at low speed to generate the same amount of blood flow with less blood trauma. At the same time, computational fluid dynamics technology was used in the design to optimize the blood flow, to reduce the shear stress of the flow field in the pump, and thus improve the quality of the flow field. Data of animal studies and in vitro tests has shown that CH-VAD® has advantages in all key performance indicators which were used to measure the advancement of a VAD. Dr. Chen's report was well recognized by the MCS industry, and CH Biomedical was rated as "the next most promising VAD enterprise".

The Gordon Research Conference is an international conference that is dedicated to promoting research at the frontiers of science. Since its founding in 1931, the prestigious conference has been well-known for building enduring scientific communities that advance the research frontiers of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and related technologies. The conference is a world-famous series of seminars in purely academic style, only top scholars and researchers were invited.